Paper Published in Nanotechnology

Chun-Yi Hsieh, Meng-Lin Lu, Ju-Ying Chen, Yung-Ting Chen, Yang-Fang Chen, Wan Y Shih and Wei-Heng Shih’s latest paper, titled “Single ZnO nanowire–PZT optothermal field effect transistors” has been published online in Nanotechnology.

From the abstract: “A new type of pyroelectric field effect transistor based on a composite consisting of single zinc oxide nanowire and lead zirconate titanate (ZnO NW–PZT) has been developed. Under infrared (IR) laser illumination, the transconductance of the ZnO NW can be modulated by optothermal gating. The drain current can be increased or decreased by IR illumination depending on the polarization orientation of the Pb(Zr0.3Ti0.7)O3 (PZT) substrate.
Furthermore, by combining the photocurrent behavior in the UV range and the optothermal gating effect in the IR range, the wide spectrum of response of current by light offers a variety of opportunities for nanoscale optoelectronic devices.”

The paper can be viewed directly here. [View PDF]