Jacob Price Selected as a Fellow in the GAANN Program

Continuing his string of major awards, Jake Price was selected to participate in the GAANN Grand Challenges program and has won the Fellowship award that goes along with it. ¬†Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need is a program that assists well-deserving graduate students in fulfilling their academic careers. ¬†The specific program that Jake was chosen for is “Graduate Fellowships in Education with a Focus on the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges,” and is meant to help improve the education and experiences of both the Fellow as well as the engineering/science undergraduates to whom the Fellow offers his or herself as a Teaching Assistant.

Congratulations Jake on all of your current and still upcoming successes!

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About Thomas Thompson

Thomas "Tommy" Thompson is a Drexel Junior studying Environmental Engineering and pursuing his BS/MS in the field. He also has a Minor in Ecology and is spending his third and final Co-op working primarily with algae kinetics in Dr. Sales' lab under Jake Price. Tommy currently maintains the Sales Laboratory website.