Shaila Nayak’s Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Shaila on her Defense of her Master’s Thesis!  On June 5, 2015, Shaila presented and defended her topic, UV Induced Photolysis of Fructose – Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and their Application in Photo-degradation of Pesticides, which describes how the use of fructose can be applied to remove both unwanted or harmful pesticides from water as well as dangerous chemicals from fracking flowback water.  Shaila Nayak is an MS Food Science Candidate co-advise by Dr. Christopher Sales.

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About Thomas Thompson

Thomas "Tommy" Thompson is a Drexel Junior studying Environmental Engineering and pursuing his BS/MS in the field. He also has a Minor in Ecology and is spending his third and final Co-op working primarily with algae kinetics in Dr. Sales' lab under Jake Price. Tommy currently maintains the Sales Laboratory website.