Drexel Materials Faculty Included in Stanford Top Citation Metrics Study

January 15, 2021

Current materials researchers in study
Drexel Materials researchers included in the study are Prof. Michel Barsoum, Prof. Yury Gogotsi, Postdoc Meikang Han, Prof. Christopher Li, Prof. Steven May, Research Assoc. Mykola Seredych, Prof. Jonathan Spanier and Prof. Antonios Zavaliangos, along with five former members of the department.

Researchers at Stanford University recently analyzed citation metrics for more than 160,000 of the world’s most cited (top 2%) researchers in all fields of science to assess career-long impact through 2019, and impact for the year 2019 itself. Thirteen researchers currently or recently affiliated with Drexel Materials including faculty, postdocs, and students, are included in this analysis.

This comprehensive study defines a composite citation index that takes into account total citations, h-index, co-authorship adjusted h-index, citations to single-authored papers, citations to first-authored papers and citations to last-authored papers. The authors used Scopus as their information source.

In the study, researchers were assigned to various subfields. For 2019, among researchers with Materials Science assigned as their first subfield, when self-citations are excluded, Distinguished Professor Michel W. Barsoum tops the list. In the aforementioned composite index, Prof. Barsoum ranks 161st in all fields of science for 2019.

Using the same metric, Distinguished University and Bach Professor Yury Gogotsi was ranked 6th among researchers with Nanoscience and Nanotechnology as their first sub-field and 53rd in all fields.

The full study is available here.

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