Science is art

Images by PhD students Babak Anasori and Michael Naguib were featured at the “Small & Exquisite” Exhibit of award-winning scanning electron microscopy images displayed in the Mandell Theater Lobby January 9 through 20. The exhibit showcased the artistry captured under the lens of one of several high-powered microscopes in Drexel’s Centralized Research Facilities. A reception with all the researchers behind the images was held on Friday, January 13, 2012.

Photos from the reception

Professor Yury Gogotsi, Professor Michel Barsoum, PhD student Babak Anasori, and PhD student Nina Lane with Babak Anasori’s “MAX Dragon” image. The image shows the fractured surface of a nanocrystalline magnesium matrix composite freinforced with Ti2AlC to form a “dragon.”

“Cliff” image by Babak Anasori and Michael Naguib showing 2-dimensional layers of Ti3C2 fabricated through the exfoliation of Ti3AlC2. Also shown above is an SEM image entitled “Spilt Milk” by former M.S. graduate Keith Fahnestock (adviser: Prof. Caroline Schauer).

PhD student Michael Naguib, CRF SEM manager Dr. Edward Basgall, and PhD student Babak Anasori with their “Cliff” SEM image.

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