Summer MAX Phase Researchers

The MAX phase group has student researchers and interns joining the group for the summer, all working on a variety of interesting projects.

Meet the MAX phase summer researchers!

Aurelija Mockute is a PhD student from Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden. She is currently working on making magnetic MAX phases through cold pressing powders and pressureless sintering.

Natalie Klotz is a Philadelphia local who is studying as a B.S. student at Brown University. During the summer she is working on a project with Dr. Michel Barsoum along with Dr. Chris Li, striving to synthesize single-layer binary carbides to reinforce polymers.
Robert Hall is a B.S. student at Drexel studying Mechanical Engineering. Over the summer he has been working on nano-indentation of muscovite and biotite, which are different grades of mica, using the nanoindenter. He is testing the mechanical properties such as the hardness and elastic modulus using various indenter tips.

Joshua Carle is a Chemical Engineering B.S. student at Drexel. He is currently working on developing novel methods for exfoliating MAX phases to make “MXenes,” single layer structures that are, well, basically “MAX” without the “A.”
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