Reminder: Dr. Sales Speaking at Happy Hour Seminar Series

Tonight, July 20, at 6pm, Dr. Sales will be presenting a talk for the Delaware River Watershed Initiative’s “Tapping Our Watershed” Happy Hour seminar series which is co-sponsored by The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.  Dr. Sales’ talk is titled “Might Environmental Microbes: Harnessing their Powers for Treatment of Human Waste and Remediation of Pollution,” and he will be speaking at the usual “Tapping Our Watershed” location: National Mechanics in Old City.  The address is 22 S. 3rd St.  The original event description is given below:

On Monday, July 20, Tapping Our Watershed presents “Mighty Environmental Microbes: Harnessing their Powers for Treatment of Human Waste and Remediation of Pollution.” with Christopher M. Sales, Assistant Professor, Drexel University.

Tapping Our Watershed is held on the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at National Mechanics in Philadelphia’s Old City.

Although small in size, microorganisms are mighty agents of change in the environment. Microbes in the environment, while naked to the invisible eye, exist nearly everywhere on Earth. They are major catalysts in environmental processes involved in global nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon cycles. They also possess the capability to remediate hazardous and toxic pollution, as well as treat and transform human waste into valued resources. This talk will highlight the important role that environmental microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, and algae, can have in restoring ecosystems, protecting the environment, and achieving sustainability.

Christopher M. Sales is a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department of Drexel University. He is an environmental engineer with research interests in molecular environmental microbiology related to the biodegradation of environmental contaminants and biotechnologies for energy and resource recovery from waste. His research group applies a combination of high-throughput and advanced molecular biology, analytical chemistry, and bioinformatics techniques to study microbial systems in natural and engineered environments. Christopher received his BSE in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil and environmental engineering from University of California.

The event is free and open to the public. More information can be found on our Meetup page. Food and drink will be available for purchase at the bar. All ages are welcome, but you must be 21 to drink.

We hope you can join us for a fun and informal evening of scientific discussion!

Held in a comfortable, happy-hour setting, Tapping Our Watershed invites you to sit back, relax, and raise a glass to water science! Sophisticated enough for the experienced scientist but formatted for the casual guest, this lecture series taps into watershed issues on a deeper level. Follow us on Twitter: @ANSStreamTeam.

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Thomas "Tommy" Thompson is a Drexel Junior studying Environmental Engineering and pursuing his BS/MS in the field. He also has a Minor in Ecology and is spending his third and final Co-op working primarily with algae kinetics in Dr. Sales' lab under Jake Price. Tommy currently maintains the Sales Laboratory website.