Philly Materials Day 2013

On Saturday, February 2, 2013, the MAX Phase research group participated in Philly Materials Day, an exciting materials-focused event to introduce the general public to the world of materials science.

Philly Materials Day is an event hosted at Drexel University in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania that involves demos and activities by students, faculty, and contributions from local industry.

The ceramics lab demo was put on by MAX group PhD students Justin Griggs, Darin Tallman, and Nina Lane, along with visiting researcher Ivy Yan and B.S. student Matthias Agne.


Check out the video of Nina conducting the Prince Rupert’s drop glass demo.


Justin Griggs explaining superconductor physics.

Ivy Yan showing the superconductor train on a magnetic track.

Darin Tallman demonstrating the heat dissipation of a space shuttle tile.

Nina Lane making a Prince Rupert’s drop to demonstrate the effects of stresses within glass.

More Materials Day Information

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