2006 Publications

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[9]T. F. Juliano, Y. G. Gogotsi, T. E. Buchheit, C. S. Watson, S. V. Kalinin, J. Shin, and A. P. Baddorf, "Detection of indentation induced FE-to-AFE phase transformation in lead zirconate titanate", Journal of the American Ceramic Society, vol. 89, no. 11, 2006, pp. 3557. [bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
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[4]Z. G. Cambaz, G. N. Yushin, Y. Gogotsi, K. L. Vyshnyakova, and L. N. Pereselentseva, "Formation of carbide-derived carbon on beta-silicon carbide whiskers", Journal of the American Ceramic Society, vol. 89, no. 2, 2006, pp. 509. [bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
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