MXene and Polymer Composite Materials

Our lab is conducting exciting work on novel ways to create composite MXenes with different polymer systems. By creating new composite structures, we can enhance existing properties of certain polymers and add new functionalities. Some examples of MXene polymer composite applications are EMI shielding, water filtration, and energy harvesting. 

  1. MXene-Polymer bonds: To achieve MXene/polymer composites with full multifunctional capabilities, composites research in DNI focuses on controlling the interface between MXene and the polymer to improve the bonding between the two dissimilar materials. Current projects in this field focus specifically on Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composites.
  2. Optimizing composites: Research into optimizing composites includes investigating how to maximize MXene distribution within the polymer composite while maintaining large flake size.

MXene Aerogel Dragon. Photo by Prastuti Upadhyay 

MXene Aerogel. Photo by Stefano Ippolito

Leading group members: James FitzPatrick, Stefano Ippolito, Prastuti Upadhyay