BioMedical Applications

MXenes are being increasingly researched for their biomedical properties and applications as one of the fastest growing fields of MXene research. DNI, along with collaborators, are spearheading the research into biocompatibility, biosensing, antifouling, toxin filtration, immune cell interactions, and health monitoring electrodes.

  1. MXenes as toxin filtration: New work explores tailoring MXene surface chemistry for the adsorption of uremic toxins. This builds toward the goal of creating compact reusable sorbent cartridges for lightweight wearable dialysis devices and has the potential for use in other adaptable toxin-filtration medical equipment.
  2. Health Monitoring developments: Building on years of our research into functional fabrics and portable electronics, our group is exploring the potential of MXenes to create sensitive, wearable health monitoring electrodes and other equipment that can improve the form and function of medical devices.

Image by Benjamin Chacon

Leading group members: Benj Chacon, Alex Inman, Lingyi Bi, Eliot Precetti