Optical Properties of MXenes

Since the discovery of MXenes, they have showed promise in many optical fields, such as transparent electrodes, electrochromic devices, photothermal therapy, etc. In our group, we mainly focus on optical properties of MXenes, which contain in situ UV-Vis spectroscopy, in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry, and in situ electromagnetic wave shielding measurement. Our goal is to utilize in situ devices to find the correlation between optical properties and other properties of MXenes. 

  1. Work with Raman Spectroscopy: Our group works extensively with Raman spectroscopy to resolve MXene structure and properties. These studies, and previous investigations with well-characterized MXenes are also used for creating surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensing.
  2. Optical properties: Further research focuses on optical properties and related applications of MXenes, with a concentration on understanding fundamental mechanisms of optical properties in ultraviolet-visible range, infrared, and microwave range, as well as applications like optoelectronics.

A. Sarycheva, Y. Gogotsi. Raman spectroscopy analysis of the structure and surface chemistry of Ti3C2Tx MXene. Chemistry of Materials 2020 32 (8), 3480-3488

In situ UV-Vis measurement for electrochromic behavior of MXenes and understanding the electrochemical mechanisms. Image by Danzhen Zhang. 

Leading group members: Katya Sevchuk, Danzhen Zhang