Sila Nano Raised $590 Million in a Series F Funding Round

The company started by Dr. Yury Gogotsi’s former post-doc and assistant research professor Gleb Yushin is making great progress. Sila Nano raised $590 million in a Series F funding round. A fresh injection of capital has pushed its valuation to $3.3 billion:

Yushin is still serving  as CTO, being full professor at Georgia Tech and Editor-in-Chief of Materials Today. During his time at Drexel he started to work on electrochemistry (his PhD was on diamond films) and energy storage, published his first highly-cited papers, filed for patents, started a company with Dr. Gogotsi (Y-Carbon). He successfully continued after joining Georgia Tech faculty. His work of Si anodes, which was published in Science, led him eventually to founding Sila Nano, together with Gene Berdichevsky, who was employee #7 at Tesla at its early days.