Professor Yury Gogotsi Won 2021 MRS-Serbia Award

Professor Yury Gogotsi won 2021 MRS-Serbia Award for a lasting and outstanding contribution to Materials Science and Engineering. He is awarded for his contributions to the field of non-oxide nanomaterials and especially MXene family of compounds.

Professor Yury Gogotsi is invited to give a plenary lecture, which will be presented during the Opening Ceremony on the 22nd MRS-Serbia Annual Conference YUCOMAT 2021, starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, August 30, 2021.

YUCOMAT 2021 has an outstanding line-up of speakers, including Nobel Prize winners Andre Geim and Stan Whittingham, some of the most cited scientists in the world like Yi Cui, Michael Graetzel, and Sam Stupp, ACS Nano Editor-in-Chief Paul Weiss and many other outstanding researchers from all over the world.