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New Book on MXenes

A new book, “MXenes: From Discovery to Applications of Two-Dimensional Metal Carbides and Nitrides”, edited by Yury Gogotsi, is not available for purchase!  The complete

DNI Alum in the News

DNI post-doc alum and co-author of the first MXene paper, Prof. Junjie Niu, in the news for inventing a new material – a self-cleaning coating

DNI PhD and MS Students Graduate!

Congratulations to the Drexel University Class of 2023 and a special congratulations to our group members who graduated on June 15th!  Dr. Mark Anayee (PhD),

MXenes ROCK!

Our MESC+ program alum, Marcelo Andrade, who performed his MS thesis research at DNI, and his professor, Dr. Tierry Brousse, surprised Prof Gogotsi with the

MXene Paper is Most Cited

What is the hottest material today? Our first MXene paper is now the most cited paper in Advanced Materials in the past three years! The