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Correlation Between Processing and Material Strength: Case of UHMWPE

This collaborative effort examines the relationship between processing conditions and material performance in high impact (high strain rate)

The impact of thermal history on the structure of glycylalanylglycine ethanol/water gels

This work revisits several open questions regarding the mechanisms of GAG fibril formation and structure as a function of temperature.

The trade-off between processability and performance in commercial ionomers

Abstract Strong ionic interactions between macromolecular chains improve physical and mechanical properties beyond those of the base polymer.

Novel Processing Methods for Introducing Short Fibers into Thermoset Resin Systems for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a field involving fabrication of complex parts using a variety technologies; however, AM’s broader

Analysis of Shaving Foam Physicochemical Properties

Shaving cream-based foams composed of stearic acid (SA), triethanolamine (TEOA), and water are stable at long times. Further, these foam solutions have low surface tension and high bulk viscosity, key properties that lead to stable foam formation. Despite the ubiquity of shaving cream, we do not yet understand why aqueous SA+TEOA systems foam so well, nor what chemistry underlies the physicochemical properties that allow such stable foams to form. This project aims to determine the correlations between SA+TEOA aqueous foam chemistry, rheology, and foam performance.

Fundamental Characterization of Elongation Behavior of Viscoelastic and Viscoplastic Materials

Polymer and Suspension behavior under various stress fields is used in the design of many applications. There is

Additive Manufacturing of Composite Materials

Two types of composites are featured in this project, fiber reinforced composites (FRCs) and spatially resolved multi-resin composites.

Modeling the Transport and Equilibrium of Surfactants at the Cylindrical Fluid-fluid Interface

Researchers have spent much time understanding surfactant behavior when it applies to spherical geometries. Compared to planar and

Determining the Printing Condition by Investigating the Spreading of the filament

Determining the proper spreading of filament is extremely important for defining the internal structure and mechanical performance of

Developing A New Drug-delivery System Using Foam

Foam can be used as a drug delivery method with an essential benefit that it requires less material