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Welcome to the Alvarez Research Group

We specialize in a unique blend of soft matter physics, polymer dynamics, molecular rheology, and interfacial and transport mechanics. Our labs are located on campus at Drexel University. 

Research Areas


Topics include additive manufacturing, thin film manufacturing, fiber spinning, and spray drying.

Interfacial Phenomena

Learn more about our research on self-assembly, foams, spreading, and interfacial transport.

Rheology & Fluid Mechanics

Review our research on extensional rheology, shear rheology, polymer dynamics, and spreading dynamics.

Current Research

Meet the Lab

ARG Group Photo (1 of 2)
Friendsgiving 2019
We celebrated Thanksgiving with classic holiday dishes like stuffing waffles, barbacoa and savory vegan morsels.
ARG Group Photo (2 of 2) (2)
Winter Break 2019
Annual lab party to celebrate the holidays with the Alvarez family.
ARG Group Photo (1 of 2)_smaller
The Lab in 2016
A group photo of the Alvarez Research Group in our early years.
ARG Group Photo 2018 (1 of 1)
The Lab in 2018
Members of the Alvarez Research Group in 2018.