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Welcome to Drexel University’s Center for Electric Power Engineering

The Center for Electric Power Engineering (CEPE) consists of faculty members from two departments, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MEM). The cooperative interaction of these faculty members enables state-of-the-art research in a wide variety of areas, ranging from detailed theoretical model study to experimental investigation in the Center’s laboratories. Owing to the range of capabilities and expertise of its members, the CEPE is ideally suited to engage in timely research and graduate training, responding to the ever increasing needs of the Electric Power Industry.


The mission of the Center for Electric Power Engineering is to advance and apply scientific and engineering knowledge associated with the generation, transmission, distribution, use, and conservation of electric power. At the same time, the CEPE supports the instructional program of Drexel University in academic areas associated with electric power. In pursuing these goals, the CEPE works with electric utilities, state and federal agencies, private industries, nonprofit organizations and other universities on a wide spectrum of projects.

Research efforts, both theoretical and experimental, focus on the solution of those problems currently faced by the electric power industry. Advanced concepts related to microgrid, power electronic devices, and renewable power generation are also under investigation, to ensure that electric power needs will be met at the present and in the future.


Drexel University’s Center for Electric Power Engineering was founded in the Spring of 1986 by Professor Robert Fischl, but the history of the lab extends back even further to Professor Martin Kaplan‘s development of the machines laboratory and the High Voltage Laboratory, which are still in use today.

IEEE Fellows

  • Robert Fischl, IEEE Life Fellow
    • Founding Director of the CEPE
    • John Jarem Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Harry G. Kwatny, IEEE Life Fellow
    • S. Herbert Raynes Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Chika O. Nwankpa, IEEE Fellow
    • Department Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2015-2017

CEPE Directors


The main CEPE laboratories and research areas are located in Drexel University’s Curtis Building, on the basement level. Graduate researchers are located in Curtis 049 and in Bossone 415. See the map below for directions to CEPE.

Map to CEPE

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