Karen Miu


DEGREES: PhD EE 1998, Cornell University
OFFICE: Bossone 413a
PHONE: 215-895-6207
EMAIL: miu @ ece.drexel.edu

Research keywords: power systems, distribution networks, distribution automation, optimization, system analysis


Main research interests are in power distribution system analysis, automation and control. The rapid restructuring of electric power utilities and the availability of customer choice introduces a new planning and operating environment for the nation`s power system infrastructure. From the standpoint of power distribution systems, this new environment pushes distribution automation to the forefront as distribution systems are the first and most prominent link customers have to the power system. My research interests in this area include:

  • first, the identification of data requirements necessary for end-use applications such as three-phase power flow and service restoration;
  • second, determination of meter placements in distribution networks;
  • third, the development of accurate load models to represent the distribution loads which in turn can be incorporated into load forecasting techniques;
  • fourth, with specific interest in service-oriented functions such as service restoration, maintenance planning, reliability improvement, etc., the development of problem formulations and effective solution algorithms to accurately represent the behavior of the electrical system and to reflect the new operating environment which must consider appropriate costs and avoided costs.

Selected Publications

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Drexel University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering