Senior Design

This page contains CEPE Senior Design Project Abstracts and Executive Summaries dating back to 2001. Projects are sorted by Advisor name.

Dr. Karen Miu

2004 Optimal AMR Polling for Distribution System Planning

2005 Multi-Purpose Inductive Device for Loading and Fault Experiments

2006 Energy Management System for a Reconfigurable 32-Bus Distribution Network

2009 Automated Phase Identification System for Power Distribution Systems

2013 Integration and Analysis of Distributed Generation Resources in Micro-Grid Environments

2015 Solar Power Distribution System

2016 Energy Management System for a Solar Microgrid

2017 The Effects of Distributed Energy Storage in a Power Distribution Grid

Dr. Dagmar Neibur

2001 Small Scale Integrated Power System

2001 Shipboard Island Power Energy Management System

2002 Blind Source Separation of Electrical Load Profiles

2004 Integrating Passive Solar Energy to the Climate Control Scheme of a Typical Building Zone to Improve Energy Efficiency

2004 Design and Construction of a Small-Scale HVAC System with a Digital Controller

2005 Type of Load Prediction

2005 Power Monitoring System for Residential Use

2005 Energy Intelligent System

2006 Wireless Device for Power Consumption Measurement

2007 Portable Phase Measuring Device

2017 Solar Power Forecasting Tool

Dr. Chika Nwankpa

2003 5kW/10kW Power Converter for Fuel Cell Energy Conversion

2004 Digital Control for a 5kW/10kW Power Converter for Fuel Cell Energy 

2006 Reconfigurable Analog Emulation of Transformer Tap Changer for Load Flow Analysis 

2007 Remote RLC Load Control for Drexel University Power System Laboratories

2007 Programmable Multistage Power Converter For Fuel Cell Applications

2009 Building an Experimental Platform to Test Renewable Energy Conversion System

2009 The SMART Grid Generator Prototype

2010 Smart Residential Energy Management System

2010 Thyristors Controlled Converter for Line Compensation

2010 Smart Box Power Management System (SBPMS)

2013 Load Leveling Battery Energy Storage System

2013 Automated Flat Load Profile Controller

2014 Load Leveling Battery Energy Storage System in Areas with Photovoltaic Generation

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