Theses & Dissertations

CEPE M.S. Theses and Ph.D. dissertations are listed below. See the Publications page for journal and conference publications.


Zachary Minter, “Distributed Generation Dispatch in Islanded Distribution Systems: Imbalance and Slack Bus Modeling Studies,” M.S. Thesis, February 2019.

Thomas Halpin, “A Hardware and Software Interfaced Microgrid Energy Management System,” M.S. Thesis, November 2019.


Nicholas Coleman, “Online Analysis and Control of Electric Power Distribution Systems,” Ph.D. Thesis, March 2018.

Mohammed Muthalib, “An Electrical-Thermal Circuit Framework for Utilizing Buildings as Controllable Power System Loads,” Ph.D. Thesis, June 2018.


Sachi  Jayasuriya, “Modeling and Analysis of Information-Embedded Power Electronic Converter Systems” Ph.D. Thesis, May 2017.

Edwin J. John, “Experimental Testbed for Load Control on an AC/DC Microgrid” M.S. Thesis, September 2017.


Jonathan Berardino, “Modeling and Analysis of Commercial Building Electrical Loads for Demand Side Management,” Ph.D. Thesis, December 2016.


Michael R. Kleinberg, “Online optimization of capacitor switching in electric power distribution systems,” Ph.D. Thesis, June 2015.

Christian Schegan, “Non-destructive, Remote Testing of Physically Distributed Power Systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Experimental Prototyping,” Ph.D. Thesis, June 2015.

Nicole Segal, “Realizable Constraint Driven Capacitor Placement and Control Sequences for Voltage Spread Reduction in Distribution Systems,” Ph. D. Thesis, July 2015.


Uthara Mary Reji, “Load Frequency Control in Shipboard Power Systems: Design and Simulation,” M.S. Thesis, May 2014.

Sudipta Lahiri, “Hybrid Automaton Based Controller Design for Damage Mitigation of Islanded Power Systems,” Ph.D. Thesis, September 2014.


Nicholas S. Coleman, “Load Capability for Smart Distribution Systems,” M.S. Thesis, June 2013.

Michael Knauff, “Kalman Filter Based State of Charge Estimation for Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries in Wind Power Smoothing Applications,” Ph.D. Thesis, February 2013.


Jeffrey L. Yakaski, “Generator modeling for analog emulation of large scale power systems,” M.S. Thesis, December 2011.


Anupam Gopal, “DC power flow based contingency analysis using graphics processing units,” M.S. Thesis, April 2010.

Valentina Cecchi, “Temperature-dependent transmission line models for electric power systems and their impacts on system studies,” PhD. Thesis, November 2010.


Sudipta Lahiri, “Modeling and Simulation of Shipboard Integrated Power Systems,” M.S. Thesis, May 2009.

Myke Knauff, “Battery Test System and Procedures,” MS Thesis, April 2009.


Valentina Cecchi, “A modeling approach for electric power transmission lines in the presence of non-fundamental frequencies,” M.S. Thesis, January 2008.

Edoe Mensah, “Logic-based optimal control for shipboard power system management,” PhD. Thesis, April 2008.

Aaron St. Leger, “Power system security assessment through analog computation,” PhD. Thesis, July 2008.

Anthony Deese, “Analog methods for power system analysis and load modeling,” PhD. Thesis, July 2008.

Nicole Segal, “Multi-phase switching in distribution grids with unbalanced loads and distributed energy resources,” M.S. Thesis, October 2008.


Michael Kleinberg, “Distributed multi-phase distribution power flow: modeling, solution algorithm, and simulation results,” M.S. Thesis, January 2007.

Shiqiong Tong, “Slack bus modeling for distributed generation and its impacts on distribution system analysis, operation and planning,” PhD. Thesis, Janary 2007.

Xiaoguang Yang, ” Unbalanced power converter modeling for AC/DC power distribution systems,” PhD. Thesis, January 2007.

Andrew Golder, “Photovoltaic generator modeling for large scale distribution system studies,” M.S. Thesis, January 2007.

Ekrem Gursoy, “Independent component analysis for harmonic source identification in electric power systems,” PhD. Thesis, September 2007.

Edoe Mensah, “Logic Based Optimal Control for Shipboard Power System Management,” PhD. Thesis, 2007.

Anantkrishnam Viswanathan, “Hybrid Modeling and Optimal Contrrol of DC Power Electronic Converters,” M.S. Thesis, 2007.

Ralph Beam, “Modeling and Simulation of Reconfigurable Shipboard Power Systems,” M.S Thesis, 2007.

Ekrem Gursoy, “Independent Component Analysis Techniques for Power System Load Estimation,” PhD. Thesis, September 2007.


Yiming Mao,” Protection system design for power distribution systems in the presence of distributed generation,” PhD. Thesis, July 2005.

Aaron St. Leger, “Transmission line modeling for the purpose of analog power flow computation of large scale power systems,” M.S. Thesis, December 2005.

Chris Dafis, “An Observability Formulation for Nonlinear Power Systems Modeled as Differential Algebraic Systems,” PhD. Thesis, August 2005.

Qingyan Liu, “Evaluation of Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) Based Circuits used for Power Systems Emulation,” M.S. Thesis, 2005.


Bhavana Kashavamurthy, “Computational Bottlenecks in Optimal Power Flow,” M.S Thesis, 2004.


Anawach Sangswang, “Uncertainty Modeling of Power Electronic Converter Dynamics,” PhD. Thesis, July 2003.


Steve Carullo, “Experimental Studies and Modeling of an Information Embedded Power System,” PhD. Thesis, November 2002.


Saffet Ayasun, “Singularity Analysis of Differential Algebraic Power System Models,” PhD. Thesis, 2001.

Paolo Pietro Pericolo, “Supervised Artificial Neural Networks for Monitoring the Performance of Chillers,” M.S. Thesis, 2001.


Yun-Kun Fan, “Voltage Stability of Small Integrated AC/DC Power Systems: Modeling, Load Flow and Bifurcation Studies,” M.S. Thesis, 2000.


Yiqiao Liang, “Multilevel Voltage Source Inverters with Phase Shift SPWM and their Applications in STATCOM and Power Line Conditioner,” PhD. Thesis, 1999.

Yin-Chun Tse, “Automated Test Bench for the Steady State Characterization of the Optically Controlled High Voltage Switch,” M.S. Thesis, 1999.


Hadiza Mohammed, “Stochastic Analysis and Modeling of Wind Energy Conversion Systems,” M.S. Thesis, 1998.

Dana Sochuliakova, “Capacitor Switching Transients,” M.S. Thesis, 1998.

Chris Dafis, “Harmonic Decomposition of Transient and Harmonic Disturbances in the Presence of Noise and the Analysis of Capacitor Switching Transient Times,” M.S. Thesis, 1998.

Steve Carullo, ” Instrumentation of the Center for Electric Power Engineering’s Interconnected Power Systems Laboratory,” M.S. Thesis, 1998.


Mark Gravener, “Network Uncertainty and a Method of Calculating Available Transfer Capability,” M.S. Thesis, 1997.

Lifeng Shi, “Investigation of Stochastic Modeling of DC-DC Power Electronics Converters,” M.S. Thesis, 1997.


Herbert Hung-Kwang Yan, “Real-Time Transmission Transfer Capability Assessment in a Deregulated Bulk Power Market,” PhD. Thesis, 1996.

Chor Hon Wang, “Effect of Tap-Changer Transformers on Power System Stability: An Energy Function Approach,” M.S. Thesis, 1996.


Chean Lung Tsay, “Computer-Aided Model of the Gate Turn-Off Thyristors (GTO) for Power Electronics Circuit Design,” PhD. Thesis, 1995.

Lingyang Xu, “Stochastic Robustness in Dynamic Power System Analysis,” M.S. Thesis, 1995.


Celeste M. Belcastro, “Detecting Upset in Fault Tolerant Control Computers Using Data Fustion Techniques,” PhD. Thesis, 1994.

Christine M. Belcastro, “Uncertainty Modeling of Real Parameter Variations for Robust Control Applications,” PhD. Thesis, 1994.

Jeng Chieh Chow, “Design of an Integrated Decision Support System for Power System Security Assessment,” PhD. Thesis, 1994.

Raquib Hassan, “Stochastic Models and Voltage Security Assessment of Power System,” M.S. Thesis, 1994.


Haige Kan, “On the Degree of Controllability for Linear Time-Variant Systems,” M.S. Thesis, 1992.

Sujatha Chakravarthy, “Expert System for Preparing for Power System Data for Security Analysis,” M.S. Thesis, 1992.

John Schwartzenberg, “A Solid State VAR Compensator Controlled by Instantaneous Reactive Load Current,” M.S. Thesis, 1992.


Thierry Jurand, “Analytical Model for Optical Pulse Propogation in Aerial Bathymetric Surveying,” PhD. Thesis, 1991.

Stanley J. Sokolowski, Jr., “Reachability of Multiple Linear Estimators,” PhD. Thesis, 1991.


Leonardo V. Zaragocin, “Load Flow Feasibility Region: Graphical Approach,” M.S. Thesis, 1990.

Sandra L. Ricciardi (Godsey), “Design of Multi-Layered Neural Network for Contingency Classification,” M.S. Thesis, 1990.


Francis J. Mercede, Sr., “A Framework for the Analysis of Voltage Collapse in Electric Power Systems,” PhD. Thesis, 1989.

Chean Lung Tsay, “A Gate Turn-Off Thyristor Model for Computer Aided Circuit Design,” M.S. Thesis, 1989.

Jeng Chieh Chow, “On the Graphical Evaluation of the Voltage Collapse Criteria in the Power Systems,” M.S. Thesis, 1989.


Thierry Jurand, “Comparison of Parameter Identification Algorithms for Distributed Parameter Pluf Flow Models with Applications to Solar Energy Collection Loop,” M.S. Thesis, 1988.


John J. Helferty, “Parameter Identification and State Estimation of Distributed Parameter-Plug-Flug Models for Solar Thermal Systems,” PhD. Thesis, 1987.

Kevin G. Bonner, “A Hands-On Control System Laboratory,” M.S. Thesis, 1987.

Abdelfatah Charef, “On the Degree of Controllability and Observability of Discrete Linear Time Invariant Systems,” M.S. Thesis, 1987.

Vladimir Gershman, “Estimating Network Performance Changes Due to the Network’s Parameter Variations Using Adjoint Sensitivity Method,” M.S. Thesis, 1987.


Albert Guvenis, “Statistical Design of Electric Power Transmission Networks,” PhD. Thesis, 1983.


Tong Wu, “Load-Flow Feasibility Evaluation of Inter-Area Imports of Real Power,” PhD. Thesis, 1982.

Thomas F. Halpin, “Contingency Selection Theory for Steady-State Security Assessment of Power Systems,” PhD. Thesis, 1982.


Abraham Orbach, “Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems for Solar Thermal Applications,” PhD. Thesis, 1979.


Richard B. Adler, “Generator Participation Factors for Security Constrained Dispatch in the Presence of Bus-Load Uncertainty,” PhD. Thesis, 1977.

Ta Fu Ho, “Transmission Network Expansion Planning for Maximum Reliability within a Specified Budget,” PhD. Thesis, 1977.


Gabriel C. Ejebe, “Assessment of Power System Security Under Load Uncertainty,” PhD. Thesis, 1976.


Walter R. Puntel, “Computer-Aided Design of High Voltage Power System Transmission Line Networks,” PhD. Thesis, 1972.

Alan G. Evans, “Least-Square System Parameter Identification and Time Domain Approximation,” PhD. Thesis, 1972.

Jack I Laveson, “Simulation of Man-Machine Spoken Language Communication for Use in Air Traffic Control,” PhD. Thesis, 1972.


Anthony Mattei, “Message Propogation Through Random Communication Networks,” PhD. Thesis, 1971.

Brian P. Butz, “Computer-Aided Analysis of Estuarine Pollution Dynamics Simulation by a Distributed Parameter Model,” PhD Thesis, 1971.


Richard B. Adler, “Steady-State Voltage-Power Characteristics for Power System Loads,” M.S. Thesis, 1970.

James P. McIlvaine IV, “Analysis of the Effect of Observation Errors on the Estimation of Satelite Attitude,” M.S. Thesis, 1970.


Jack I. Laveson, “Computer Graphic Display Simulations,” M.S. Thesis, 1969.

Walter R. Puntel, “The Improvement of Power System Stability Using Dynamically Responsive DC Transmission Lines,” M.S. Thesis, 1969.


Joseph M. Medwetz, “On the Stability Analysis of Linear Time Varying Systems,” M.S. Thesis, 1968.

Richard J. Olerich, “A Study of the Scanned Laser Optical Tracking System,” M.S. Thesis, 1968.

Brian P. Butz, “Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis Using State Variable Techniques,” M.S. Thesis, 1968.

Robert M. Colton, “Log Count Rate Amplifier,” M.S. Thesis, 1968.


Alan G. Evans, “Performance Indexes Based on Critical Points of the Unit Step Response,” M.S. Thesis, 1967.

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