Kambiz Pourrezaei


DEGREES: PhD 1982, Rensselaer Polytechnic University
PHONE: 215-895-2260
EMAIL: kambiz @ drexel.edu

Research keywords: thin film technology, material processing, power electronics, MOSFET, GTO, IGBT, switching, medical devices


Dr. Pourrezaei’s research interests include the areas of applications of thin film technology and power electronics. His projects in progress are in the deposition of thin film for medical devices and development and applications of power devices such as IGBT, Torr and GTO.

Thin Film Deposition Technology: For the last 12 years we have been working on various thin film deposition techniques and devices. We are presently applying metal coatings to various medical devices to modify the device’s surface properties. We also have developed a unique capability to coat fibers for optical and composite applications.

Power Electronics: For the last eight years we have been working on utilization of GTO, IGBT and MOSFETs devices for various applications such as solid state circuit breakers and dimmers. Presently, we are focusing on theoretical and experimental studies leading to understanding of fundamental aspects of the GTO devices and utilization of these devices in various switching applications.

Sample Publications

“Development of Antimicrobial and Antithrombogenic Coatings for Inside and Outside of Medical Catheters,” with I. Shvets, M. Delaurentis, R. Boxman, R. Beard, N. Croitoriu, M. Mukhtar, D. Logan, and R. Rastogi. Accepted for publication in the J. Surface and Coatings Technology.

“Deposition, Characterization, Thermochemical Compatibility and Failure Analysis of Multilayer Coated Silicone Carbide Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites,” with R. Rastogi. J. Mater. Process. Technol., vol. 43, p. 89, 1994.

“An Ultrasonic Oblique Incidence Technique for Moisture Detection in Epoxy,” with D. Jiao, S. Li, and J. L. Rose. British Journal of NDT, vol. 34, p. 495, 1992.

“Effect of Deposition Parameters on Properties of Films Deposited on Fibers by Hollow Cathode Magnetron Sputtering,” with M. Ihasan. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology, vol. A8, p. 1304, 1990.

Drexel University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering