Juan Jimenez


PhD Student
Degrees: BS 2004, Universidad Technologica de Panama
EMAIL: jcj26 @ drexel.edu


Originally from Chiriqui, Republic of Panama, Juan Carlos Jimenez completed his undergraduate studies at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama in 2004 obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. As an undergraduate, he interned at the largest generation company in Panama, Empresa de Generacion Electrica Fortuna S.A., where he worked in the Electrical Maintenance Department. After completing his internship he was hired by EGE Fortuna as an Assistant Engineer to work on an electric energy consumption study carried on several public and private enterprises.

His desire to obtain a graduate education took him to Drexel University where he earned his MSEE in March 2006. While pursuing his master’s degree, he took advantage of Drexel’s Career Integrated Education Program, moving temporarily to New Orleans, Louisiana where he was a Transmission Planning Intern for the Technical System Planning Group of Entergy Services Inc.

Currently, Juan is pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with a concentration on power engineering while on a Research Assistantship in the Center of Electric Power Engineering. His areas of interest include power systems operation and transmission expansion planning.


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Drexel University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering