Yury Gogotsi Delivered a Tutorial Lecture

Yury Gogotsi delivered a tutorial lecture to Yonsei’s Materials Science and Engineering Department on invitation of Professor Seong-Ju Hwang on March 22. 

New Research Published in Nature Energy

In our article in Nature Energy (IF>60) we propose that there is a continuum between double-layer capacitance and Faradaic intercalation that is dependent on the specific confinement microenvironment. We also discuss open questions regarding electrochemical capacitance in porous and layered materials and how these lead to opportunities for future energy technologies. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41560-022-00993-z#citeas 

More on our work in Nature Engergy: 


Yury Gogotsi to Serve as Plenary Speaker

Yury Gogotsi will serve as a plenary speaker at the International Conference on ‘Battery Science and Technology in 2022’ June 2-4, 2022.

Armin VahidMohammadi Designs Cover Art for Advanced Functional Materials Issue

Congratulations to Research Assistant Professor, Armin VahidMohammadi, on another cover design, this time for Advanced Functional Materials.   


Yury Gogosti Speaks Out in Support of Ukraine

Along with more than 20 world scientists, Yury Gogotsi recorded the video linked here for a campaign in support of Ukraine.


Yury Gogosti on It’s a Material World Podcast

Yury Gogotsi was a guest on the podcast “It’s a Material World” discussing the fundamentals and applications of MXenes. 

YouTube (Video Podcast): https://youtu.be/PQFaDDkJ_Jg  

Podcast (Audio-Only): https://link.chtbl.com/ymvMBLjb?sid=guest